Screen printing 2.0

Intelligent screen print graphics pre-processing pipeline bringing powerful automation to your workflow

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Best in class

Rely on experts to help you deliver the best quality printing to your customers

We combine best in class machine learning technology with rich practical experience separating the toughest print jobs.

3   {
4      "image": "",
5      "inks": {
6        "type": "automatic",
7        "maximum": 8
8      },
9      "backgroundRemoval": "true",
10     "surfaceType": "shirt",
11     "surfaceColor": "universal",
12     "underbaseType": "plastisol"
13  } 
Easy integration

Start with a simple dashboard or move straight to our modern API.

Separo easily integrates into your existing workflow and tooling, taking on the repetitive chores so that you can focus on creative tasks. Savvy integration support will help you implement the best practices from the industry.

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Inside the machine

It’s easy to see how we make your life easier every day.


Quality. Powerful machine learning algorithms with human quality assurance provide superior quality output.


Versatile. Whether printing with a fixed palette, a limited number of inks or specific call outs – Separo accurately separates any type of artwork.

all in one

All in one. Separo assumes the role of many expensive commercial tools and plugins reducing the cost and allowing for seamless integration.


Pricing. A simple pricing model with fixed cost per artwork allows quick planning and forecasting.


Support. From the initial integration to ongoing operations. Our technical support team will expertly assist you.


Quick turnaround. Avoid difficult speciality skill staffing in peak times. Separo is here for you 24/7.