Separo is a hassle-free, online production tool for screen printing that makes your life easier by automating the most common tasks required for printing an artwork.

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Easy setup

Separo is a simple web tool that requires no setup and does all the heavy-lifting on our servers. Other separation tools need users to purchase and install large software packages that require an expensive computer or Photoshop to work.


Other separation tools and programs typically use a fixed color set they separate the image into. Or they ask you to select the inks you want to use by hand. Separo uses a proprietary workflow to select the best ink combination based on the image you provide.

Always improving

We are updating Separo every week, bringing new features and improved separation quality. Since it lives on the web, the updates are delivered to you effortlessly. The update process would be heavy and cumbersome with an installed software package, if available at all.

Color detection

  • Separo detects the best ink colors for printing an image, along with PMS matching
  • You can customize which inks you have in stock and only those will be matched
  • Add, remove or change the colors and see print proofs immediately


  • Separo creates production-ready color separations in minutes
  • We take a unique approach to handling dot gain, not merely applying compensation as an after-thought
  • All our separations contain an underbase for printing on dark garments
  • Separo allows you to customize the dot gain curve, underbase choke, color trapping and other settings
  • See sample separations produced by Separo

Image workflow

  • Separo supports a wide variety of image formats, including EPS, Adobe Illustrator AI, Adobe Photoshop PSD and others
  • Our cloud-based separation engine uses a high-resolution 300-dpi raster workflow
  • Separations are output into standard multi-channel EPS files
  • Integrated cloud-based ripping solution coming soon


  • Separo does all the heavy lifting and stores all of your images securely in the cloud
  • You can access your print jobs from anywhere and you don't require an expensive PC setup
  • Show soft proofs of the artwork to your customers even on mobile platforms